Hi, I'm Lauren layne.I write romantic fiction. That's a fussy way of saying all of my novels end in happily-ever-after. If that upsets your reading sensibilities, no, I don't want to hear your outdated Fabio joke.

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I live in New York City with my high school sweetheart, and my aging, but still feisty Pomeranian. I used to love going out for cocktails in high heels. But then 2020 happened. So now I mostly rock a lot of Lunya while looking up trivia about the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

My favorite color is no color, I'm pretty handy at a Harry Potter or Star Wars trivia night, but don't try to bring me into the Game of Thrones fold, I'm not into it.

I became a writer because it's what I always wanted to do. I write happy endings because I like to read happy endings. But don't ask me for a reccomendation within my own genre, I mostly only read Regency.

I'm not on social media anymore, which seems to freak a lot of people out. But there's no big juicy reason. I'm just busy doing other stuff that I enjoy more.

I think there are fewer things more beautiful than dark text on a white background, which is why this website is so plain (also because plain websites perform better for me). But I also design more fancy author websites while watching Big Bang Theory. You see what I did there? Full circle.

If for some reason, that's not way more than you ever wanted to know more about a stranger, or you're looking for my official bio, here you go. 👇

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